What is OpenHardware.Ro?
We are a small informal team that is dedicated to developing open source hardware and software projects.
Hardware Projects
This is our main section. Completed projects, mainly made with gEDA suite. Development boards, Modules. Shields. And more.
Software Projects
This section mainly consists of software libraries and other programs related to our hardware projects.
Tutorials covering the use of our projects and beyond.
Information about some of our projects have evolved. Unstructured information about our work. Experiments. Work in progress. A look behind the scene.
Links useful to our work. Tools. Compilers. IDE’s. Microcontrollers vendors.
gEDA Library
Templates. Footprints. External open source projects made with gEDA.
Our website has changed the layout from blog style to clasic site layout. We did this to better structure the information and to provide better support for our projects.

Until we finalize this change please go to

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