What is OpenHardware.Ro ?
We are a small informal team that is dedicated to developing open source hardware and software projects.

  • We have many projects in progress at the moment and we decided to start publishing them.
  • We are committed to contribute substantially to the open source movement.
  • This site is not only a way to showcase our projects but a working platform through which we collaborate.
  • Some of our projects are actually tools for the development of other projects.
  • Software tools that we use are also open source.
Why OpenHardware.Ro ?
  • Because we are a Romanian based team ….and this was our (lack of) inspiration when we discussed publication of our projects. 🙂
  • And because all the projects that you will find on the site are open source.
Why English language ?
(and not Romanian ?)

  • Because open source is about sharing and spreading ideas and projects
  • And we want our projects and information to be available to larger audience
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