AVR / STC51 Dev Board (FKECL PCB)

I recently discovered STC microcontrollers produced by TSMC. Being curious about these microcontrollers I started looking for a development board for them.

After some searches on google / ebay / AliExpress / I decided to buy this PCB that I ordered on AliExpress at an affordable price of $ 10 / 2 pieces (In fact I reordered ten pieces of PCB in total and five complete kits for me and my team).
After analyzing circuit I realized that may be used for ATMEGA162, ATMEGA8515, AT89S51, AT89S52 besides STC8051 and that made it interesting enough to continue.


The PCB is very well made and the component side is very good marked.

Although the markings on the PCB are self-explanatory I felt the need to have a circuit diagram of it (and some sort of user-manual).

Schematics and PCB – Kicad Project



I made circuit diagram in Kicad. For printing I recommend downloading the PDF file attached. Although it is in A3 format can be printed on A4 or Letter.

Components overview

Components overview.
All components will be detailed in the following steps




  1. 10 x 1K resistors
  2.  7 x 5.1K resistors
  3. 2 x 10K resistors

Resistors mounted on PCB.

Diodes and LEDs


Diodes and LEDs

  1. 3mm LED x 8
  2. 5mm LED
  3. 3mm LED
  4. 1N4148 Diode
  5. 1N5819 Diode
Diodes mounted on PCB.

Diodes mounted on PCB.

 Capacitors and Transistors

Capacitor and Transistors

Capacitor and Transistors

  1. 1uF x 5 Capacitors
  2. 100nF x 2 Capacitors
  3. 10uF Capacitor +100uF Capacitor
  4. 22pF x 2 Capacitors
  5. S8550 x 6 Transistors

Capacitors and transistors mounted on PCB.

Small connectors and switches


Small connectors and switches

  1. relay connector
  2. ISP connector 10(5×2) pin
  3. 20pin socket for graphic LCD
  4. 6x6mm switches x 7
  5. 16pin socket for LCD16x2
  6. 3x2pin header x 2
  7. 3pin round socket x 3
  8. 2pin jumper x 3
  9. 19pin header
  10. DIP16 socket
  11. 17pin header
Connectors and Switches mounted on PCB

Connectors and Switches mounted on PCB

Last components

Last Components

Last components

  1. DB9-Female
  2. 3461BS common anode display
  3. Buzzer
  4.  ZIF Socket DIP40
  5. Relay [Finder] or [SRD-05VDC-SL-C]
  6. DC Jack
  7. Power switch
  8. USB A
  9. MAX232
  10. Trimmer 10K x 2
  11. Quartz 12MHz
  12. Quartz 16MHz
  13. Resistor pack 10k
  14. Resistor pack 1k
  15. Jumper caps
Board finished

Board finished.

Boards finished!

More boards finished!

I made an Instructable about this board.

You can read it here: http://www.instructables.com/id/Cheap-AVR51-Development-board

Updated: August 15, 2014 — 9:01 pm

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