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About stand-alone Arduino and serial port

Generic Development Board

Several years have passed since the Arduino project grew. It is well known that this development has drawn new generations in the world of microcontrollers and digital electronics. Mainly this is not about professionals, engineers, but amateurs, enthusiasts, hobbyists, makers. And obviously some of them are at the beginning. This article is dedicated to those […]

LCD + 74HC595 Module

It’s been a while since this idea (to control a LCD module with a shift register) appeared. There are several variants, different registers, different schematics, different libraries. Even if using a shift register to increase the number of digital outputs it is a common technique (even trivial), using it to drive a LCD module is […]

AVR 4 Relay Board

Now we move to a more interesting project. A small(and smart) module with 4 relays, RS232 and RS485 interface. This is a very good example about what can be done with these small hardware projects from this site (open source projects). So. I joined three projects: Mini AVR40 Board RS232TTL Board Simple Relay Modules. And […]

Simple Relay Module(s)

Even though there are plenty of similar modules on the market I felt the need to design my own relay module. Primarily because I did not have one handy when I needed. And these modules are two months away from me. Secondly because I wanted to test the project with components chosen by me (through-hole, […]

RS232TTL Board

ABOUT PROJECT There is nothing special with this little board. The schematic is standard (from MAX323/MAX232N datasheet). Although there are hundreds of projects that treat this topic, I felt the need to redesign in gEDA. The main reasons are as follows: I tried to make schematic easier to follow when make this project on perfboard/stripboard. […]

ATmega 40 pin minimal board

ABOUT PROJECT After I wrote several articles about using ATmega microcontrollers (DIP40) in Arduino environment (here and at Instructables), I had some feedback that I was asked how to be effectively put into operation this project. As I came into the Arduino world from classical microcontrollers development world, I have not found necessary to elaborate […]

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