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myMatrix – Arduino library for LED matrix panels

This is an Arduino library for 32×16 RGY LED matrix panels. I wrote this library for this type of LED matrix panel that I found at online shop (link below): You can find this panel here: Note: This is RGY(Red Green Yellow) panel not RGB. An article was posted here:×16-LED-Matrix-Panel-and-Arduino/ using this library. Features […]

MEGA MIDI – Arduino USB MIDI Controller

After various attempts/experiments to accomplish this project, I have to reorganize the information in the main article and make some remarks. The purpose of this project is to develop a complex MIDI controller, with multiple configuration possibilities (peripherals, input and output). For example, it will use the 16/36 … 64 or more potentiometers, encoders and […]

Arduino MIDI Controller – early stage

I recently started working on a USB MIDI controller using the Arduino and microcontroller Atmega32. As we know Arduino provides functions for MIDI protocol. In fact MIDI protocol is a serial protocol that operates at 31250 bps. More information about MIDI and Arduino here. There are many projects having as object MIDI controllers made ​​with […]

Using ATmega32 with Arduino IDE

Over time I have used all kinds of Atmel microcontrollers in various projects. One of the most suitable was ATmega32. I have a small collection of development boards for Atmega32/16,  some bought as-is,  some made ​​on stripboard. Although the original Arduino boards offers a pleasant experience and a rapid development of the projects, when it […]


Register bit settings and resulting function of port pins register bits → pin function↓ DDRx.n PORTx.n PINx.n tri stated input 0 0 read data bit x = PINx.n; pull-up input 0 1 read data bit x = PINx.n; output 1 write data bit PORTx.n = x; n/a Bit operations: &, |, ^, >>, <<, ~ […]

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