Mini AVR40 Board

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Mini AVR40 Board is an inexpensive board designed to use with ATmega DIP40 microcontrollers from Atmel. Despite the fact that it is small and has a minimal design it’s very versatile project.
  • Can be used with ATmega1284, ATmega1284P, ATmega644, ATmega32 ATmega16.
  • All AVR pins are available on header connectors which brings us more freedom in connections with external modules. The board can be easily connected to another module or shield with jumper wires.
  • ISP ISP 5×2 pin connector for in-circuit programming with USBASP programmer or another compatible.
  • Reset push-button
  • Include filtering of AVCC for better analog input.
  • All components are common and thru-hole.
  • It’s in a very compact form 61.63×54.65mm.
  • Four 2.6mm plated mounting holes
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