Starting PhoenixProject IDE

A few weeks ago we started working on a open-source software project called “PhoenixProject IDE”. It is in an (very)early stage, but here we will keep our friends with the progress made so far.
What is PhoenixProject IDE ?
  • A lightweight IDE (or builder) for embeded projects.
  •  Open Source/Free Software  Project written in C++ with Qt
  • Highly configurable: We can compile projects using various libraries (including Arduino)
  • Easy to use: Resemble Arduino IDE. Compile -> Build -> Burn with one click
  • Easy to append new microcontrollers/boards/toolchains/libraries
Why PhoenixProject IDE
  • The main reason: We need it.
  • We want to make our life easier when we developing embedded projects
  • It’s fun and exciting to work on it
  • We want to use same tool with different microcontrollers and libraries
What is not PhoenixProject IDE ?
  • It is not an Arduino IDE replacement. (Even if we can compile Arduino projects/libraries)
  • It is not a full-scale IDE (like Eclipse, NetBeans, VisualStudio…)
Screenshots for 0.3 version
Progress made so far
  • We have completed the application layout.(Yes, it resembles somewhat Arduino IDE)
  • We finalized the general structure of folders (for boards, libraries, toolchains, …)
  • We decided what format to use for internal auxiliary files.
  • Syntax highlighter is functional for C/C++ (not completed)
  • MDI interface working (we can open built-in libraryes only in read-only mode,)
  • We can compile C, C++ and ASM projects for STM32 using STM32F10x_StdPeriph_Lib_V3.5.0. (and generate HEX files)
We’re working on:
  • Integrate flash tool for STM32 microcontrollers(texane-stlink,stm32flash)
  • Integrate flash tool for ATmega microcontrollers (avrdude)
  • Code refactoring (preparing for publishing)
Updated: August 20, 2015 — 5:42 pm

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