STC MCU Software

Latest ISP software for programming microcontrollers STC that I found on is:

It may be useful older versions:


for older STC processors like STC89C51 and STC89C52 you can try this:

For Linux users:


Updated: June 27, 2016 — 6:23 pm


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  1. is it possible to program a stc12c5a60s2 using MISO, MOSI and SCK from a USBtinyISP? if so how?

  2. hi
    link`s not working anymore???

    1. I checked right now. The links seem to work for me.
      Let me know if you did not succeed to download…
      I will find a way to fix this… eventually I will upload here all versions.

  3. Please can help me how to i programming ic stc 608

  4. Hi,

    Does anyone please have a simple working A/D routine for the STC12C56xxAD series of processors? I cannot get the example routine in the document files going.

    The “ORL A, #ADC_POWER | ADC_SPEEDLL | ADC_START” statement is not clear and not handled by the assembler.

    One example also mentions “ADCCH DATA 20H” and the assembler rejects this also.

    Many thanks.

  5. HOW CAN I READ THE CODE FROM STC 89le52rc ITS allready pluged into a board and i have rx and tx outed from it
    please help 🙂

  6. Hello
    I have programmer Elnec BeeProg+ and need flashing to STC89C516RD+ PDIP40.
    This mcu STC is compatible with any Sincmos, NXP, SST, Nuvoton or Atmel for of the programming algorithm?

    1. I do not know all the microcontrollers you are talking about, but I doubt that STC is compatible as programming algorithm with any of them.

      In fact, the programming algorithm is not public, STCDUDE and STCGAL, are made by reverse engineering…This is the main weak point of these microcontrollers… from the point of view of the open source user…

      Good news is that they can be programmed quite easily: you need only an USB to TTL converter, or USB to RS232 + RS232 to TTL converter. STC microcontrollers have a built-in bootloader.

  7. Well thank you
    From this I understand that for programming just download the link to the software “For older STC processors like STC89C51 and STC89C52 you can try this: ” on your web page and I must make a USB/RS232 to TTL converter.
    Ok, but where I find schematic of this tool – where connect signals RXD, TXD and others to the MCU pins?


    1. You can look at:
      schematics is made after a kit which I bought a few years ago.
      just connect vdd gnd rx tx and a quartz… and power filtering…
      and a power switch… for programming you will need to cycle power off-> power on after write command

      You can also use any (small and cheap) development board for STC microcontrollers. There are many and very cheap at Aliexpress. You must take one with RS232 onboard.

      just search for “development board STC” -> price starting at $4-$5 including shipping

      If you’re in a hurry (and in EU country) I can send you one of the one described in article… I bought a few some times ago.

  8. Thank you very much !!!

  9. Hello Silvius
    Today I made interface via your instruction.
    And here I write results with STC89C516RD+:
    – STC Programming Software (v1.75) , does absulutely not communicate with this MCU but probably has read option (button “read option”).
    – STC ISP programming software (v4.86) communicates with this MCU under “check MCU Option” but does not offer the possibility to read the contents of the MCU and when attempting to program
    writes that the detected MCU is a different type.
    – STC ISP programming software (v6.86) has full support for this MCU and can delete and write new content to the MCU but does not allow read content.

    Please advice what to do, thank you, I need read content of this MCU…

    1. Hmm… I’m sorry, but this is not possible.
      With any STC microcontroller. It is considered a “feature”… 🙂
      And it is indeed, from the standpoint of firmware protection.
      I think this is also mentioned in the datasheet.

      I’m pretty sure that “read option” button refers to the application’s options…

  10. Thanks, but in STC Programming Software (v1.75) and STC_Pror_V180_for_89xx_En is also feature verify program, but this software not working with STC89C516RD+.

    But then I will not use these processors because of the fact that it is not possible to verify after flashing and also to analyze the problem of partially damaged software.
    All other MCU compatible with MCS51s have content reading or verification features and if the developer wishes to protect the content, before flashing activates the lock and thus prevents reading.

    Thanks, but in STC Programming Software (v1.75) and STC_Pror_V180_for_89xx_En is also feature verify program, but this software not working with STC89C516RD+.

    Basically, in my life I did not experience such a big mess in the documentation as this STC. Oh those proud words about the struggle of the Chinese people against the capitalizm …
    When the serial production of the Intel 87C51 clone under the name MHB8751C (in the Tesla Piestany) was started in Czechoslovakia in 1986-1987, the documentation included a 300 page book and was complete.
    And I do not have to remind you that this clone was made without a license, just the Intel original was the chip was grinded and fotografied, just only reverse engineering, symply in the times of the Iron Curtain all copied the most modern chips for military purposes. This is the wound of capitalism, not the shit named STC.

    1. No… STC8051 microcontrollers are not made through that kind of reverse engineering. They do not need that. It is much easier and simpler to use an IP core like this:, or make your own design… MCS51 instruction set can be used free of charge.

      Verify program feature not working with reading memory and compare by application, instead, verifying is about sending your firmware file to MCU and MCU reply if is OK or not…

      and yes … 🙂 is a good technique to prevent firmware reading… sorry 🙂

  11. i am working on at89s51
    want switch to stc so pleas help me i love stc15fxxAD.

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