STC Microcontrolers – review

STC_DIP40I recently discovered STC microcontrollers produced by TSMC (Taiwan Semiconduct Manufacture Company).

These MCUs are based on the 8051 architecture. According to the manufacturer’s website:

  • “STC microcontroller has speed up 8051 mcu dramatically with it’s advanced technologies. Unlike the classic 8051 architechture, the STC 8051 MCU need only 1 or 2 clock to run an instruction (most are 1T)”.
  • “There’re many special features beside standard 80C51:
    Internal Reset, RC Oscillator, WDT, Super Security, stand alone baud generater, low power”
  • “And also several application specified features:
    ADC, PWM/PCA/DAC, SPI, up to 4 UARTs, up to 6 timers”
  • “STC single-cycle 8051 devices can be used in existing 80C51-based applications with binary-level code compatibility while substantially increasing performance by a factor of 6 to 12 times, up to 35MIPS.”

Sounds promising so we went to action. Since the site is about open source / open hardware, I started to set up a chain tools in accordance with this policy.

First we needed a programmer / or development board and related software. (Later we will design a development board for for these MCUs, open hardware of course)

Then we needed an open source compiler/IDE. After a short search we stopped at SDCC + MCU 8051 IDE.

Although SDCC compiler natively supports 8051 architecture, to use the new features introduced by STC we create STC_8051_H to be used in projects.

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3 Responses to STC Microcontrolers – review

  1. Edward says:

    Since you have experience programming STC, can you suggest where I could find the latest STC-ISP programming app?

    I’ve had trouble finding the newest ISP, and which cross-compiler or IDE would be best. I have not found any IDE that supports actual STC MCUs.

  2. admin says:

    Latest software for programming microcontrollers STC that I found on is:

    It may be useful older versions:


    I will upload them on this site to be more easily found.

    The best compiler for 8051 including STC seems to be “Keil μVision”

    ,but I prefer SDCC + MCU 8051 IDE (because they are open source),

    I hope the answer will be useful for you.

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